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It was in the United States, in the early 2000s, that Acts 29 was born. Beginning with just a few church plants, Acts 29 has now blossomed into a global family spread over 50 nations in over 30 languages and nearing 800 churches. Today, there are still nearly 500 Acts 29 churches in the US that are actively planting new churches and partnering with other Acts 29 churches across the globe. These US churches are divided into five different Networks, each lead by a Network Director and a Network Leadership Team.

In 2019, I stepped into a new role as Vice President of US Networks. In this role, I will be both leading and serving the US Network Directors as each leads his Network toward the planting of more churches. The five US Networks are each looking to learn from each other, collaborate, and are already actively engaged in working together.

I am optimistic and hopeful that even as we expand across the globe, we will continue to see US Networks develop and move toward 1,000 churches in the US. As we do this, we will continually look to see Acts 29 churches planted around the world.


VP of US Networks

I get the wonderful pleasure of serving as the Vice President of Collaboratives, and I am responsible for the Diversity Initiative across our global family primarily through the three Collaboratives: Church in Hard Places, The Rural Collective, and Islam. My vision for what I call the Collaborative Collective will be to synchronize these initiatives with a common vision to benefit all and accomplish more together than they could separately. This will not only prevent a duplication of mission, by God's grace it will more significantly create an effective and enduring team.

Furthermore, by God’s grace, the Collaborative Collective will create an ecosystem of diversity that will help us to attract, recruit, and train an increasing number of ethnic minorities. Through these new planters, we will actively be living out the great commission and fulfilling the great witness of a diverse, global family of church-planting churches. I am honored and blessed by God to serve Acts 29 in this way.


VP of Collaboratives

As Acts 29 continues to flourish as a diverse, global family of church-planting churches, we want to offer the best leadership possible for the sake of Christ and his church. Each Network within Acts 29 is therefore led by a Network Leadership Team (NLT), or a team of capable, godly leaders who serve our family well and are critical to the success of our mission.

Network Leadership Teams serve as the connective tissue of our family of churches and the catalytic energy for engaging this mission together. In this next season of ministry we aim to invest in these incredible men and women through leadership development resources, training, and coaching. Initially, our primary focus will be on opportunities for NLTs in Emerging Regions (ERs). These places have sparse access to development opportunities and remain in distinct need for engagement. Once efforts are established in ERs, our leadership development team will expand resources, training, and coaching opportunities across the Acts 29 family.

Would you join us in prayer for our Network Leadership Teams? God is on the move, and these men and women have been amazing servants to the cause of Jesus Christ. Our mission is massive, but what God demands, he will supply! We are praying that God will continue to grace Acts 29 with exceptional NLT members for his glory and renown through the church and among the nations.


VP of Leadership Development

Acts 29 has always been at the cutting edge of church planting and training has always been part of our vision. It has seen various iterations and has already benefited and impacted not only our planters and their churches but the church globally.

We are now at a point in our growth where we need to reflect, innovate and execute. If we want to see healthy churches planted, we need healthy leaders and team members. If we want to grow healthy leaders and team members, we need to educate and disciple all the members of our churches in our distinctive, missional theology which terminates in the glory of God through the planting of churches.

How will training be conceived, delivered, implemented, grown, scaled and improved in the rest of the 21st century? There are already signs that the culture for training, in the West and elsewhere has changed, probably for good. People are looking for gospel training in context, at the level and depth they need for the mission of their local church and for going to places where Jesus is neither named nor known.

It is in this context that Acts 29 wants to develop and refine training content, training delivery systems and training outcomes that reflect our distinctives and our vision. This will not be the work of one person in our family, or of one Network, but of us all.

It is as we all, from our different contexts and cultures, in our different languages and with our unique perspectives, work together to answer the question ‘How can we train the next church planter and the next members of our church-planting teams?’ that we will be able to fulfil our vision and mission of being a diverse, global family of church-planting churches.


VP of Training

Acts 29 is growing; the last 12 months have seen growth of over 10%, and we pray that through God’s grace we will see the continued development and expansion of Acts 29 as a diverse, global family. To facilitate this, we need to build our organisational capacity and capability in order to further support our Networks. We want to equip them as best we can in their work to catalyse and resource church-planting churches in places where Jesus is neither named nor known.

In taking up this role I will be working with the VP team to plan and implement the financial, IT, marketing and HR elements that Acts 29 needs to deliver assessment, coaching, training, support and leadership development globally. Please pray for wisdom, creative thinking and resilience as we seek to use technology, finance and team endeavour to enable churches to plant churches that spread the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.


VP of Operations